CEO’s Message

Toledo do Brasil’s success has been achieved thanks to the company and its employees’ dedication towards a business conduct which is legal, honest, reliable, and with respect towards the individual and the public in general.

Our strong reputation on ethical business practices stands for a precious asset, acquired over the years through the effort of each of our employees. Such conduct is summarized in our Ethical Code of Conduct.

It is essential that every employee understand that high ethical patterns (righteousness, integrity, and full honesty) are the principles to be applied all the time. We recognize and accept the fact that, sometimes, our faithfulness to these principles may cost us sacrificing some benefits. Nonetheless, we cannot give up these principles; that is, we must give up some business instead of breaking laws or jeopardizing ethical patterns.

Just like we encourage our employees to have a word when it comes to security problems, overall working conditions, and suggestions on how to improve products and services, we would like everyone to know about our concern regarding being let known about situations involving the practice of questionable or improper business.

All employees are known to be granted the best free opportunity to discuss the matter with their one-level-up superiors, HR managers, board or legal department.

I call everyone to come together with their colleagues and superiors, being committed to observing and complying with this policy of utmost importance, which must be applied throughout the company, in both attitude and spirit

Working together, within this mutual understanding and commitment, we can ensure continuity of Toledo do Brasil’s good reputation and success.

Paulo Eric Haegler
Director-President / CEO

Ethical Code of Conduct

The Ethical Code of Conduct explains Toledo do Brasil’s principles and stance when conducting its businesses. We believe that Toledo do Brasil’s success depends – among other factors – on the positive image it keeps before its customers, suppliers, investors, and society in general. It is necessary that they feel confident to have built up a relationship with a reputable, stern, honest company, governed by the highest patterns of ethical conduct.

To learn how Toledo do Brasil has its relationship with Customers, Suppliers, Partners, Employees, Investors, Public Organizations, and how it addresses issues related to Health and Safety, Environment, Social Responsibility, Confidential Information, Conflicting Situations, etc., refer to our entire Ethical Code of Conduct on Integrated Management System page.

Nedilson Ventura de Oliveira
Human Resources Manager

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