Toledo do Brasil’s SGI policy seeks: satisfy our customers by providing solutions to meet their needs – the commitment to ongoing improvement, in using the organization’s inputs and resources; compliance with the legislation in effect; environment preservation; operation with ethics and within safe, healthy conditions; and value generation to customers, external providers, employees, investors, and society.

IMS's policy aims at customer satisfaction, by providing solutions that meet their needs; the commitment to continuous improvement, in the use of the organization's inputs and resources; compliance with relevant legislation; preserving the environment; operating ethically and within safe and healthy conditions; and creating value for customers, external providers, employees, investors and society.

The Toledo do Brasil Integrated Management System meets the requirements of NBR ISO 9001 (Quality Management), NBR ISO 14001 (Environmental Management), ISO 45001 (Occupational Health and Safety Management) and NBR ISO/IEC 17025 (Quality Management) - Calibration Services).

Certification in accordance with the NBR ISO 9001 standard, granted to the headquarters (São Bernardo do Campo-SP) in 1998, was gradually extended to 20 branches throughout Brazil.

The certifications according to NBR ISO 14001 and ISO 45001, obtained in 2013 and 2019, respectively, were granted to the headquarters.

The three management systems are certified by Bureau Veritas Certification.

Toledo do Brasil's Calibration Laboratories (São Bernardo do Campo-SP headquarters and Lauro de Freitas-BA branch) meet the requirements of the NBR ISO/IEC 17025 (Quality Management - RBC Calibration Services) standard for the following scope of supply: "MASS".

The calibration activities of standard weights and scales of the SBC headquarters have been accredited by Cgcre - General Coordination for Accreditation, from Inmetro, since 2003, ensuring that Toledo do Brasil meets the requirements of the NBR ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

The Calibration Laboratory of the São Bernardo do Campo-SP headquarters is integrated with the Brazilian Calibration Network - RBC, in the magnitude mass, according to Accreditation Certificate number 222.

It is qualified by Cgcre to perform calibration of standard weights and measurement of different masses from 1mg to 2,000kg in its facilities and calibration of scales of up to 200,000kg in the clients' facilities.

In Aug-2017, the Toledo do Brasil Calibration Laboratory, located in Lauro de Freitas-BA, underwent an evaluation by Cgcre and obtained the Accreditation Certificate number 0658. It is integrated to the Brazilian Calibration Network and enabled to perform calibration of standard weights from 1g to 500kg.

ISO 9001 - Toledo do Brasil
Certificado de calibração - 0222
Certificado de calibração - 0658

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