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Prix Trainweigh, Toledo do Brasil's dynamic weighing solution for rail vehicles, is ideal for commercial transactions of bulk material, with quick installation as it does not require civil construction work, has a robust construction, allowing a maximum speed of 10km/h, with precision 0.5% per wagon and 0.25% composition, with a capacity for more than 700 wagons/hour, in addition, it has easy-to-view software with 24h/day operation, in compliance with the ordinance CGCRE/INMETRO Nº 0.16.

It is important to mention that its operation control software allows the real-time monitoring of each weighing, with the recording of data for future reporting, as well as integration with the client system, and the weighing module, which is the brain of the solution, has the capacity to collect thousands of pieces of data per second, ensuring greater precision in weighing.

Finally, the benefits that Prix Trainweigh from Toledo do Brasil offers are many, such as, for example, low cost and easy installation, low maintenance cost, being able to be installed where the installation of a conventional scale with a pit is impracticable, ease to be removable to another location, operational gain, great savings in time and human resources when compared to static weighing, operational agility without the need to disengage the wagons and much more.

Weighing in motion

With time becoming more and more a valuable resource, which should be used to the maximum, weighing in motion is essential when considering a flow of wagons above 30 per day.

As an example to consider, at a speed of 10 km/h, one can weigh around 100 wagons in less than 10 minutes. This represents a very large operational gain when compared to static weighing, especially when there is a need to disengage the wagons.

Toledo do Brasil's Prix Trainweigh solution can achieve Accuracy Class 1.0, 0.5 and 0.2 for both wagons and composition, according to OIML R106.

The better the installation site, the better the weighing results. Everything must be taken into account, from the quality of the tracks, sleepers and ballast of the existing track, as well as the possibility of building a solid concrete slab to receive the weighing solution.

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  • Low cost and ease of installation. The existing rail section is replaced by the scale rails. In a few hours the railway will be free for normal operation*.
  • Low maintenance cost. Instrumented rails have high durability.
  • It can be installed where it is impossible to install a conventional scale with a pit.
  • Easily removable to another location.
  • Operational gain. Great savings in time and human resources when compared to static weighing.
  • Operational agility. No need to disengage the wagons.
  • Regardless of the size of the wagons and the distance between the trucks.
  • Variable weighing speed, depending on site and weighing solution applied.
  • Weight capture of wheels, axles, trucks, wagon and composition.
  • Wagon unbalance detection.
  • Safety/Reduction of general maintenance costs. The control and knowledge of the transported weights guarantees greater safety and a significant reduction in the maintenance costs of the wagons and the permanent track.
  • Reliability. Weighing performed automatically, without the interference of operators. Easily control the loss of cargo during the journey.
  • The weight of the locomotive can be disregarded.
  • Bidirectional operation. The system can be operated in both directions of movement and with the locomotive pulling or pushing the train.
  • Fast return on investment. Savings in freight costs and handling of wagons in the yards due to the better use of the transport capacity without risks and penalties for overloading.
  • Automatic detection of maneuvers (rollback) that may occur during operation.

* Conventional permanent track with ballast.


Keeping its commitment to high technology in weighing, Toledo do Brasil has a strategic partnership with Railweight, from the United Kingdom. This company specializes in the development of railroad weighing solutions, providing solutions for several countries.

Thinking about Brazil, we found that there are different types of operations in each customer and region. Loading and unloading operations, checking the gross weight of the train, weighing torpedo cars, among others.For the above reason, Toledo do Brasil and its team of specialists are able to guide each client and offer the solution that best fits their operation.



  • TW-02-WP: 02 pairs of weight sensors and national weighing module.
  • TW-04-WP: 04 pairs of weight sensors and national weighing module.
  • TW-08-WP: 08 pairs of weight sensors and national weighing module.
  • TW-02-RL: 02 pairs of weight sensors and weighing module with maneuver control.
  • TW-04-RL: 04 pairs of weight sensors and weighing module with maneuver control.
  • TW-08-RL: 08 pairs of weight sensors and weighing module with maneuver control.

Prix Trainweigh Sentidos da operação

Prix Trainweigh Soluções


Several accessories can be incorporated into the Prix Trainweigh solution for dynamic weighing, such as:

  • Wheel sensors: for identification of the weighing direction, of maneuvers (rollback) during operation and automatic weighing completion.
  • Displays: for visual guidance to the operator who loads the wagon or in the operating room for customers to remotely monitor weighing operations.
  • TAGs, antennas and readers: wagon identification system by automatic reading of RF-ID TAGs.
  • Fieldbus: various converters for communication with the customer's network.
  • Connecting splints: insulated and encapsulated splints for joining the weighing rails with railroad tracks.
  • Industrial computer: industrial terminal with Windows operating system for installation in an unprotected environment.


SPF is a rail weighing management system developed by Toledo do Brasil, compatible with the Prix Trainweigh solution.It enables the control of all the weighing operations on railroads. Through charts, synoptics, histories and reports, it is possible to manage weighing and make correct and assertive decisions in loading, unloading or checking weight operations. Some features of the SPF:

  • .NET C # Programming Language.
  • MSSQL SERVER database.
  • Management of multiple scales in one single software.
  • Flexible system, developed for the configuration of multiple operations.
  • Integration via WebService.
  • Reports in.pdf,.txt,.xlsx,.docx and.xml.


Fields of application of the Trainweigh System


  • Weighing of wagons
  • Weighing of the composition
  • Freight Yield
  • Overload detection
  • Load unbalance detection
  • Determination of the load pulled by the locomotive.



  • Weighing in motion of coal or ore shipments
  • Controlled loading of wagons with coal or ore
  • Optimization of wagon usage due to overload or fault detection
  • Weighing of mine carts.



  • Weighing in motion controlling the loading of bulk wagons.
  • Optimization of wagon usage due to overload or fault detection.
  • General weighing of railway wagons.



  • Dynamic weighing in and out of products.
  • Dynamic weighing controlling the loading of bulk materials, fertilizers, plastic pellets and others.



  • Weighing Torpedo Cars
  • Weighing on Overhead Crane



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