Tolbag from Toledo do Brasil, an electronic weighing and filling system for Big-Bags, offers the ideal solution for weighing and filling granulated products directly into Big-Bag type bags from 500 up to 2500 kg, being manufactured and supplied in accordance with NR-12 so that they have 4 possibilities for withdrawal, where the option chosen by the customer will depend on the logistical process installed, whether through a trolley on rails, forklift, pallet truck or conveyor belts.

Among its main features and benefits, Tolbag has a Big-Bag support structure built in carbon steel with 4 cylinders and hooks to fix the handles, which ensures and facilitates the filling of various bag sizes, feeding duct with metallic band and manual closing to secure the Big-Bag nozzle, dosing gate activated by pneumatic cylinders with double stage ensuring greater precision and providing reliable weighing, without lack or excess of product, the low profile and fully electronic weighing platform is made of carbon steel or stainless steel to provide ease of installation and weighing accuracy, in addition to being provided with Control Panel 9700 that allows the registration of various products, configuration and printing of labels, containing alphanumeric keypad, and capacity for weighing and filling from 20 to 40 Big-Bags/hour weighing from 500 to 2500 kg, making bagging of the most varied products with maximum accuracy.

Features and benefits

  • Big-Bag support structure, built in SAE-1020 carbon steel, with 4 cylinders and hooks to fi x the Big-Bag handles, which ensures and facilitates the fi lling of various bag sizes.
  • Feeding duct, built in carbon steel SAE-1020 or stainless steel AISI-304 with metal strap and manual closure to secure the mouth of the Big-Bag.
  • Dosing gate driven by pneumatic cylinders with double stage, ensuring greater precision, which provides reliable weighing, without lack or excess of product.
  • Fully electronic low-profi le weighing platform, measuring 1.50 x 1.20 m, 2.00 x 1.50 m in SAE-1020 carbon steel or 1.50 x 1.50 m in ASI-304 stainless steel provides ease installation and weighing accuracy.
  • Supplied with Control Panel 9700, it allows the registration of several products, confi guration and printing of labels, with alphanumeric keyboard etc.
  • Weighing and fi lling from 20 to 40 Big-Bags/hour with a weight of 500 to 2500 kg, meet the bagging of the most varied products with maximum precision.

Big-Bag Types




The 9700 panel together with thermal or ribbon printers, such as Prix 451 Industrial, Rabbit, Zebra, Datamax, Prestige etc. and that respect the Fargo communication protocol, allow the printing of labels with the name of the plant, product, manufacture dates, validity and fi lling, sequential daily number and net weight in different sizes.

This information can be printed on blank labels or customized (by the label supplier) according to the customer's needs.

Examples of printing below:

Technical specifications

  • Support structure built in SAE-1020 steel and carbon;
  • Weighing accuracy: 500 g;
  • Compressed air pressure required to drive pneumatic cylinders: 80 to 100 psi;
  • Air consumption: 0.3 m³/hour;
  • Designed to work with good fl ow products. Examples: VHP sugar, crystal sugar, raw peanuts, coffee beans, hominy, corn, plastic pellets, etc.


  • Electrical supply: 96 to 260 Vac;
  • Electrical frequency: 50/60 Hz;
  • Stainless steel cabinet;
  • Degree of protection IP-69K;
  • Numeric and function keyboard;
  • On/off keys, silence alarm, start and stop;
  • High resolution graphic display informs the operator of material fl ow in kg/s, quantities of Big-Bags/hour, error messages, totals, dosing range statistics, etc.;
  • Programming of all operating parameters for up to 20 products, protected by a rechargeable battery in the event of a power outage on the network;
  • Operating temperature between 0 to 40°C;
  • Relative humidity between 10 to 95% without condensation;
  • Control Signals:
    • Outputs with optical isolation: 24 to 264 VAC - 1 A maximum
    • Input with optical isolation: 110 or 220 VAC - 3 mA maximum.
Indicador 9700
Material Polypropylene
Type Square
Handle Height (A) 300 mm
Body Height (B) 1500 mm
Width or Diameter (C) 900 mm
Bottom (D) 100 mm
Neck Diameter (E) 450 mm
Neck Height (FB) 500 mm
Total Height (F) 2000 mm
Capacity 1200 kg

OPTIONAL(only one interface per panel)

  • RS-232C Serial Output with DB-25 cable for LX-350 printer;
  • Ethernet interface + 3 m network cable;
  • Modbus-TCP interface;
  • DeviceNet interface;
  • Profi bus-DP interface;
  • ControlNet interface;
  • Profi net interface;
  • Ethernet-IP interface.

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