The most important part of the road scales is the set of weight sensors, known as load cells, which are installed under the platform.

Toledo do Brasil uses PDX intelligent load cells, manufactured by Mettler Toledo, the world leader in weighing and instrumentation.

The PDX cell is the most advanced in the world for truck weighing, belonging to the 3rd generation of digital load cells.

Over time, more than 600,000 DigiTOL, MTX and PDX load cells have been installed worldwide, with over 43,000 in Brazil.

The PDX cell is designed to provide optimum performance in high capacity weighing applications. The shape of the cell and the use of laser welding with the overlapping casings provide even greater robustness and resistance to damage in harsh environments. Internally, the digital processor offers a number of unique benefits.

Eliminating junction boxes, in addition to increasing equipment reliability, reduces the likelihood of failures and maintenance time, lowering total cost of ownership.

The digital signal coming out of the PDX intelligent load cell, besides being perfectly tuned by the internal processor, is 3 to 4 million times larger than the signal of any analog cell in the market, with or without external digitization, being immune to interference that may be encountered on your way to the weight terminal.

Microprocessor controlled performance

Its unique internal microprocessor continuously monitors performance and assesses environmental conditions, automatically compensating for variations caused by external influences such as temperature changes, nonlinearity, hysteresis, electromagnetic interference, off-center charging, creep, cell tilt, internal housing rupture detector, ensuring metrological accuracy and predicting future failures caused by external agents.

ISO 9001:2008

The PDX intelligent load cell has been developed, manufactured and tested by METTLER TOLEDO to international quality standards.


bandeira_brasil In Brazil, scales with PDX intelligent load cells are approved under Ordinances: 123/97 (820J), 063/00 (820C) and 145/02 (820RF), meeting the requirements of INMETRO standard 236/94.

bandeira_ue In Europe, they are approved by OIML according to recommendation R60.

bandeira_us In the US, PDX intelligent load cells are approved by the National Institute of Standards and Testing (NIST) Handbook 44 and the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP).

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