Toledo of Brazil is proud of its Technical Assistance organization, the only one that serves all of Brazil, with more than 370 own technicians, trained at the headquarters Training Center. .

Toledo do Brasil is the leader in weighing solutions in the country and is deeply committed to the A Equipped with service vehicles, they are housed in 20 branches, installing and maintaining all equipment supplied, by call or by contract with periodic visits. .

Toledo do Brasil has 43 road scale calibration trucks and maintains standard weights at its branches and at about 10 other locations to meet seasonal demands. There are also hundreds of authorized technical workshops (OTAs) with staff trained to service Toledo do Brasil’s commercial scales.

Toledo do Brasil Technical Assistance provides calibration services on weighing equipment and offers a scale compliance program to help its customers meet the requirements of NBR ISO 9001 and other management system standards, and organization-specific requirements.

Constant training

Toledo do Brasil invests 40,000 hours / year in training, aiming to enable each of its own technicians to perform the most diverse installation, maintenance, calibration and updating services throughout the product line.

The courses are taught at the Toledo do Brasil Training Center, located in the headquarters in São Bernardo do Campo - SP, with specific rooms for the various weighing and management solutions and equipped with multimedia and Ethernet resources for all trainees. . In addition to our own training center, we have in-house e-learning, which provides study support and distance learning support.

In addition to lectures, on-site equipment testing and field visits, the technical team has access to complete documentation of Toledo do Brasil Solutions through the User Manuals, Operation, Installation and Maintenance Manuals and Catalog. of Parts, constantly updated and available via internet resources.

Original Parts

The quality of Toledo do Brasil products is due to the best design conception and the quality of the parts used in its manufacture. For this reason, Technical Assistance maintains, in all its 20 branches, a large stock of original spare parts available.

There are more than 30,000 items of different parts, including those from discontinued products, as Toledo do Brasil believes that, in addition to selling and producing new equipment, it is responsible for providing technical assistance and original parts. to products sold in the past.

Specialized Technical Support

In addition to all training and support material, Toledo do Brasil has a team of specialists integrating Technical Support, able to answer questions and / or comments from the technical team and customers about management equipment and software.

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